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Spatial variability of organic layer carbon stocks —implications and suggestions for sampling designs

Accurate field measurements from inventories across fine spatial scales are critical to improve sampling designs and to increase the precision of forest carbon cycling modeling. By studying soils undisturbed from active forest management, this paper gives a unique insight in … Continue reading

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Are your kids “cool”? Watch out

Abstract: Pseudomature behavior—ranging from minor delinquency to precocious romantic involvement—is widely viewed as a nearly normative feature of adolescence. When such behavior occurs early in adolescence, however, it was hypothesized to reflect a misguided overemphasis upon impressing peers and was … Continue reading

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The importance of birth month for professional athletes’ pt.2

Well, hey look at that. If you further (see last post) divide the players into their respective continents, this pattern becomes even clearer. Of the 92 players representing Asia (incl. Australia) in this world cup, only 7 of the 92 … Continue reading

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Your Birth Month May Determine Your Chances Of Playing In The World Cup

I analyzed the 736 players in this years world cup: ~30% are born in the first quarter, while only ~20% are born in Q4. So why is this so? Here’s what author Malcolm Gladwell said to ESPN (about similar skewness … Continue reading

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Error bars in statistics. Do you know the difference?

And if you don’t, you’re not alone. Difficulties with use and interpretation of error bars are not only an issue for undergraduates and Malcolm Gladwell, but also experienced researchers get these wrong from time to time. The most common error … Continue reading

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