The importance of birth month for professional athletes’ pt.2

Terje Kristensen

Birth quarter for 736 players in the 2014 World cup

Well, hey look at that. If you further (see last post) divide the players into their respective continents, this pattern becomes even clearer. Of the 92 players representing Asia (incl. Australia) in this world cup, only 7 of the 92 (7.5 %!) players are born in the last three months of the year. In case you wonder, no, Kagawa (17.03.89) is not one of them.  For Europe this number is 53 out of 299 (~17.7%). Interestingly, this pattern appears to be opposite for African players.

If you’d like to work with the data, just leave me a note.


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Ph.D. in Assessment, Monitoring, and Geospatial Analysis (applied statistics) from the University of Minnesota, USA.
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